God I tire of University drinking pt2…. whoo(!)

So i’m sat in my room, all i can hear is people laughing at the people who i know are drunk. This girls birthday is a day for celebration so here people are partying.

Interesting word partying a quick google will tell you that it means “Enjoy oneself at a party or other lively gathering, typically with drinking and music.”. I have no doubt in my mind that the deluded pathetic mass that have gathered in my flat to party are enjoying themselves, shame i’m not but when one doesn’t drink and people who drink to excess all in the search of fun do well then I can’t really expect much else.

So the idiots in my flat, and idiots is a monstrously generous way of describing these people, are supposedly enjoying themselves. The other part of that sentence says it includes drinking and music, now i KNOW for sure that they’re drinking, they always do, all in the search of a fun night or maybe an answer to the undoubted problems of being a privileged child with little to ever over come if anything (i’m fully aware i fall into this bracket too). However i think music is a very generous term for the sounds that are vomited out from the speakers in the living room, its a mesh of recent pop and dub-step mixed in the the dynamically produced and perfectly mastered pop-hop and techno (i’ve no time or want to break it down into house, or garage or anything else, all you need to know is it makes the walls bleed and ear drums burst with the aural offense is causes). Now i despise alot of recent music, have i heard it all, definitely not, i don’t want to. I remember a day when the top 40 were dominated by bands, bands that could be defined to several genres and you knew half the back catalogue with pride, NOT like what it is now, dominated by people like dappy and single artists like chris brown (who I, along with everyone else on the internet, am surprised still has a career) or rihanna or even the digusting stylings of justin bieber or Xfactor manufactured bands like One direction. Back to my main point, i don’t think you can call the gutteral singing of these over privledged, over sexualised and over paid cretins music.

Music used to have a message behind it, a story to tell, thats why you had so many verses in such beautiful songs which were written by the band alone, look at any band from the 50s to even early 2000s and now. Compare them, you have the musical stylings of Queen & Guns and roses & Rage against the Machinge & Jimi Hendrix (just to name a few) vs songs from here and now such as Nikki Minaj (the childs crude drawing of a prostitute) with stupid hoe – whose lyrics mostly go as such “You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe”. Now i had to google that as i don’t know the song (I should own a gorram medal) but just a side note from this rant, the 3rd google option was “Stupid Hoe Lyrics meaning”…. i despair for this generation.

Now onto my final piece for this essay of mine. The definition of partying had the words “lively gathering”. Now i’m not sure what exactly the words encompass, I could guess but I feel it is somewhat subjective, what i might call lively others might call boring and what i call excessive others would call lively. Its a 2 way street and i get that.

However I don’t believe “lively” entails things such as (one second let me go do a damage report)… A smashed pyrex jug on the floor and in one of my flat mates feet, a broken table, a dent in the wall, a fulled cracked bin, drinks thrown against walls and doors, food littered about the place, people screaming at each other (in pain or joy i don’t care because currently i despise these people), people crawling along the floor as they’ve drank too much or mixed drinks or accepted defeated or maybe victory in poisoning themselves (depending on how deluded the mindset is for the individual, i feel it has to be deluded alittle otherwise they wouldn’t drink to such excess). I’m not sure whats worse the fact that this is definitely a weekly if not twice a week experience for some of them, the fact its meant to be “pre-drinks” (because every time you go drinking you have to stretch that liver abit first right? Thats how it works surely), or the fact that in this world the people who gather around us don’t see this as an issue but something funny or a memorable experience, maybe a fun anecdote to tell your friends back home.

Surely the point of a friend or, to stretch it out abit, a decent human being is that if you were to see someone literally poisoning themselves (because that’s what it is) you don’t stop them and say “Thats a bad idea” or even “You’ve had too much” or possibly “I think you have a problem” NO people just stand around and laugh and egg them on to do more damage to themselves mentally & physically and their surrounding environment. The absolute worst part however is that when someone does step in to try and stop the ignorant drunken mass that used to be a human being on the floor, others stop them from being a decent human being, tell them to “Lighten up” and “stop being such a downer”.

Its a sad state of affairs no doubt. I don’t pretend to hold the high ground either, i’ve sat here and ranted whilst such atrocities have gone out just outside my door, i know i haven’t helped anyone in a drunken heap (although i’ve not pushed them further either) but thats because I’m too angry to help them and i’m a sadistic arsehole, i feel that if you are troubled enough to think the above behaviour is acceptable on a repeated basis then whatever the universe dishes out to you as a result of being drunk, whether its a bruise or broken limb, alcohol poisoning or just memory loss, it most certainly isn’t enough.

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