God I tire of University drinking

Note, This started out as a rant to one of my mates at University while others around me drank to excess. Sometimes being surrounded by all these drunk people is a drag and one of the biggest annoyances i have to deal with regularly. I understand that there are some who can drink casually but it seems that I can’t find anyone with such an ability near me. Anyway here is the transcript of what i sent him, this is mainly therapeutic, if you want to argue fine, but i got alot of it off my chest so don’t expect me to react. Thanks for reading

The people who drink to the point of near paralysis, appearing pathetic all in want of a good time. Its a reward itsdeserved, there’s a deluded mindset that goes with all of this. Oh its only a bit of fun, I’m sure being seen bent double over a toilet with last nights questionable meal covering your chin is anything but. Alas natural selection has been removed somewhat from our society, instead of the fools who get themselves into these situations dying off due to their lack of an ability to make themselves happy without resorting to chemically altering their being, doctors are forced to save them. Doctors never played god as many devoted christans might say with each next developement in medicine allowing us to take greater control, NO, Doctors don’t even play nature, they play lady luck. Dolling out a 1up or freebie or pass to the next self comatose idiot to walk in with half a bottle of vodka pouring out behind them.

And yet to our so called friends it a funny story, to the individual its maybe an embarrassment, to the nation its a statistic. To me? Its a problem, a problem deeply inbedded into our culture our society our norms. Our first pint in this country is celebrated instead of being seen as an oh, if you want to scenario it should be. You want to drink, fine but don’t expect the reasonable and the rational to sympathize with the idiotic. When we sympathise to a lower standing of action with alarming frequency we become complacent which only allows the boundary to be pushed and sensitivity removed from the picture. So is it the fault of those who drink to excess and give their pathetic excuses as to why they deserve to spend such money on short term self destruction, or does the blame lie with those who just accept the ill-thought lies and excuses and become enablers.

And yet people such as myself are lost, its hard to avoid a disease so wide spread and deeply rooted, and if one were to retaliate to the droopy, limp bodied credulous git standing in front of you mouthing off, because when drunk everything is fine, well then you’re no better. All you’re allowed to do is sit and seethe, and any justice doled out my the karmic universe which we inhabit, has little pleasure to be taken from as its never enough, its never enough to stop the troglodyte-esque actions, its never enough to convince the enablers that maybe this shouldn’t happen again and its never enough to just stop.

However its not always just the stupid, its also the cowardly. Those who daren’t do what they want, or get what they desire, or even just talk to those they find attrative. NO, they have to drink they’re way into mental sub-normality just to say what they think, do what they want and copulate with the other nonsensical prat that they desire, until they wake up and realise, if they still have the mental where with all, the mistake. However the blinding epiphany is never enough to make them rethink their actions, instead its chalked up to a bad night instead of retarded actions. People who drink because they’re scared of failing at something haven’t tried anything, may never, and most certainly won’t raise above the bleak existence they inhabit

and now suprisingly, by writing about all of the annoyances inherit in everyone drinking, telling me i'm a sad git for not going out and getting wasted/wankerd/shitfaced/para/blasted/destroyed/hammerd/obliterated/pissed/plastered/smashed/wrecked/etc. I don’t feel as angered by it all.

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