I never really `got` Football.

So as it happens right now i’m in my flat at University whilst one of my flatmates is watching football with is friend.

Now i hate footballers, i hate them with a passion. I hate that there are men in the world who are paid ridiculous ludicrous amounts each week, let alone in a year, the weekly amount is disgusting on its own. I don’t enjoy the fact i co-inhabit a world where men who can’t spell the sport in which they participate (obviously not all of them) are idolised and worshiped en mass and are seen as an inspiration and what each man should become. These over celebrated, over polished, over paid fools, are made to run up and down a pitch for entertainment (personally i don’t get it, but i know those who do) yet it goes beyond entertainment and into the horribly bleak, black world of celebrity idols. Try googling Idol, you don’t get the definition you get crap instantly straight to your screen, American idol, idol magazine its revolting. Now if you actually find the word Idol after wading through the mire of filth, you’ll find a definiton close to “One that is greatly loved”…. Loved? These credulous gits and cretins are loved? These are men that are paid to kick a ball and if they look okay enough to shut up and stand still without a shirt on, whats to love? Who wants a silent man who can kick well? Although given it is a footballer maybe silent is better, it’d be ten times worse if they opened they’re mouths to spout their idiotic ideas – Theres a reason “Racism is wrong” is advertised at football grounds and its for those on the pitch just as much as in the stands.

However given all their faults its not Footballers themselves who make me despise the sport, because theres a reason they’re paid so much, they’re loved so much… its the moron with the controller in his hand. Fans of football are just vile, vulgar and loasthsome (once again not all). These are people who love the muppets who kick around a ball for 90 minutes and in their spare time expel bigotry and assault women. WHY? They’re fans of these arseholes, they’re fans of the shit stains called clubs and whats worse is the fact that the men who play for those clubs don’t even represent that city or town. “Oh I love [insert club name here]” Why waste your time? The majority of them don’t even come from the same goddamn country as you, let alone city. They’re paid, they’re hired hands, if they get a better off they’ll leave its simple… but not simple enough for the masses who drive to stadiums and pubs every single bloody sunday to watch men kick a ball around on some grass.

I dare you to walk into a pub on derby sunday (derby being where 2 teams from the same city play off), i dare you. All you’ll hear is how everyone is the gorram place is somehow associated and how every atrocity thrown upon them is a red card and every accident of theirs was a mistake. The hypocrisy is crammed in like a fat man to a plane seat, all the while its “Wheeey! Aren’t WE great!”. Great? GREAT? You’re the most overweight piece of dirt i’ve ever had the misfortune of running into, you couldn’t run for 5 seconds with these men, yet somehow its “your” team and “your” players, and even more strangely “your” son.

So, footballers are overpaid, the fans are prodominantly stupid (hence why the “Say no to racism” banner is almost always on display – you’d think with a pitch full of foreigners, racism wouldn’t be an issue but it is). Now I know an ex-footballer, lovely guy, a fun man. He once had a run in with another parent at what was my pre-school. I’m going to tell you one line of what was said and thats all,

“I know you’re black, but you played for city, so you’re alright by me”.

To think, if everyone from every single creed or origin simply played for this mans football team he wouldn’t be a racist! The solution is just so simple.

Now i’ve banged on about Footballers themselves, its clear i’m not a fan. I’ve also discussed the Fans themselves, easy to glom onto anyone whose paid enough to wear similar colours to the knock off they bought down the garage, who I’d say I dislike even more and wouldn’t miss if they were removed. I’ve also talked about how racism is unfortunately still alive in football – although anyone stupid enough to idolise these men probably is stupid enough to hate based on skin.

I would just like to say though, I know this is the internet, i know we can’t all have the same opinion, and I know i’ve talked in quite large sweeping generalisations which is very wrong of me. So i’d like to say, I realise not all footballers are stupid, not all fans are idiots who go with anything, and not everyone involved is racist. However these issues do exist and to ignore them is far worse.

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