The 2nd Coming of my little ‘Cast

It took us 2 weeks to get round to recording this episode like usual at the time,  however in our first episode my friend was kind enough to edit it, he still seemed keen for episode 2 so i sent that as well (I even got to the point of sending him episode 3) however he never actually returned the episode and none of us wanted to/could be bothered to go through each episode, edit out certain parts and possibly put a musical link.

No, if anything episode 2 was part of a realisation for us; we couldn’t have the podcast as our fun edited 40 min sound bite of fun, now it would have to be the full hour and a half we roughly hit each time with all our shitty pauses inbetween… lovely


About willza99

Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Blogger, Marvel-eer, Vaas' Psychologist & Vault Hunter. Truth be told, I'll probably be putting my writing excerpts here, Some Youtube videos that I'm either very proud of or feel people should see. Maybe Updates to or about my Stream on Twitch and any ramblings I have about either the Dredd & Riddick Films as they're badass as all hell
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