Consumer Game Rant

So this one is an odd one, but trust me on this.

You may be, and hopefully are, a level headed person, you think similar to how I think on a basic level i.e. Knowledge has worth, Skills get you places, Determination will get you further and even more basic things that many others get wrong e.g. race, sexuality, religion.
Anyway, recently Xbox revealed their latest console, the Xbox One, admittedly an odd name. However gamers are also people who inhabit the internet (who knew right?) so the internet is a-flood with all the information that was given out and more. This isn’t a bad thing on the face of it, content providers are given something to talk about to make their audience happy, information gets out there to as many people as possible (maybe however sometimes slightly incorrect info, like its been through a chain of chinese whispers – look it up, its a childs game).
Now my console experience I’m pretty sure is discussed in my bio. Simple overview just in case though, was born, Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and now PC and the cheap bastion that is steam. So I’m partially interested in the new consoles, but not incredibly. I may, as it stands now, get an Xbox One, games may be a bit more expensive than on steam, but the functionality looks fun and I honestly play more online competitive games on my 360 than I ever have done on PC (It doesn’t help however I don’t have many gaming friends on any platform anywhere).

However watching the live stream on youtube and watching some of the grey nondescript faces that pop-up in my facebook stream (that I don’t really like or care for but at some point in my naive youth decided it would be a good idea to add that prick from primary school) has made me realise, these people, people who statistically aren’t in these cushy, well paying and sometimes fame-friendly jobs, will just rip into everything and anything for the sake of `fanboyism` (one of my biggest hatreds), for the sake of `flame-wars` (essentially trolls, people who don’t have anything better to do and that cause havoc because their dad never truly loved them) and for the sake of boredom.

On my facebook feed, someone posted a video which essentially was a cut up of everyone someone said TV, Sport and Call of Duty.
Let me lay this out, this is an hour long presentation where NEW features are being demonstrated and in between about 5 people they’re all up there for 10 minutes maybe a little more, the keyword that they are discussing (for instance, Xbox’s new functionality with TV) is going to come up for christ sake. You’re really telling me that you are going to poke fun at someone whose more successful than you or I, because they used a word that needed to be used. This isn’t `Password`, this isn’t `Charades`, they can’t mime to you what the Xbox now can do.
It may sound unfair to point out that these executives are more successful, or it might seem elitist in some way, but I’d rather look to someone who in my eyes has succeeded, rather than the prick next to me laughing because the man from Activision said Call of Duty for the 6th time, whilst he was up on stage, promoting Call of Duty.

It comes back down to idiocy and the unfortunate amount of forms that it can take. I’m sure I’ve been an idiot at some point. But I always try to be level headed and balanced. I don’t not like the playstation because I’m a fan of xbox (I already said I hate fanboyism) no, I don’t like it because I grew up with it and its changed and it somewhat ruins my old days of playing Jak and Daxter or MGS2. Fanboys themselves have put me off things because they are so adamant and so confident in their blind trust that I’m almost afraid I’ll become one of them, which really is more of an issue with confidence and that it’ll fail if I do something I look down on.

Ultimately I feel people are so easily swayed, and I do my best to remove myself from it, otherwise you get caught up in a whirlwind of anger and arguments.  I long ago realised that the majority of the time people will see a comment I made on youtube or reddit and decide to take the utmost offence and tell me why I’m a `fuck face` (sorry, I do try to refrain from swearing on here), even if there are already 5 comments saying the exact same thing. Here on the internet everyone wants to toss in their 5cents and tell you how wrong you are.
I think thats why I always got on well with stoners (not that anyone doesn’t) but as someone who doens’t smoke or take drugs I get on very well with them and I think it’s down to the fact, most of the ones I am friends with are laid back and don’t care much about the stuff I’ve put above which is refreshing and it is what I want.

If you take anything away from this rant, let it be that in the future you’ll act in a level headed fashion, and to not get caught up in the mire of the internet. You’ll only get bogged down further.
Thanks for Reading

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