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So I feel like I should start adding some more personal information to this blog, make it a bit more than just Rants and Reviews (which I do enjoy), it’s just I feel it sometimes may lack a personal feel, so I thought I’d keep everyone abreast of what I’ve got planned and what will hopefully come.

So right now I’m currently at University doing my end of year exams (going well, but slightly stressful). This hopefully will explain my lack of usual content. However I am right now sitting firm on 5 game reviews (Sleeping Dogs, Reciever, Dead Island, Proteus, Dear Esther).
A current idea I’m trying to work upon is actually a posibility of game t-shirts, more on those ideas to come the nearer I get to some sort of mark, ideally I want to make a kickstarter just purely to try my hand at it and get a product out there 🙂 So as I said, more info to come as the project goes on.
Me and my old friend Usman plan on, during the summer holiday, getting back to our roots by streaming some gameplay which you can find on I’ll let everyone know nearer the time. From these we plan on cutting out our highlights and putting those on youtube under the same username (anyone who want to help with that please do, anything from tips and advise to workloads). And from there we may take up podcasting again, however we may move from the Magical Fun Bus to a new podcast name, probably Chivalrous Gamers, this is as MFB was a thing I did with friends at Uni and that somewhat failed so I’d like a fresh start and keeping everything under one name will be easier.

Anyway those are most of my plans for the Summer and hopefully everyone will be looking forward to some of them if not all.
Thanks for reading 😉

About willza99

Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Blogger, Marvel-eer, Vaas' Psychologist & Vault Hunter. Truth be told, I'll probably be putting my writing excerpts here, Some Youtube videos that I'm either very proud of or feel people should see. Maybe Updates to or about my Stream on Twitch and any ramblings I have about either the Dredd & Riddick Films as they're badass as all hell
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