Dealing with TV shows

I’ve realised that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more emotionally invested in TV series and due to my introduction to Netflix I’ve also become outraged at the realisation that some of those TV shows I’ve only just fallen in love with, have been cancelled.

It started with Firefly, I always knew it had been cancelled as there are jokes everywhere on the internet and TV about it, also I’d watched Serenity and enjoyed it so going back to Firefly I was bound to fall in love. My time spent on Netflix simply grew and grew, I’d watch the occasional film, but my rational was I never had the time to commit to watch a film, this isn’t true as I’d then proceed to spend the next 5 hours watching episodes of just about anything.

I hit up all the popular shows I’d seen small bits of or heard alot about, such shows as Arrested Development (which is back today on Netflix for its 4th season), Breaking Bad was another and jesus the end can’t get here quick enough. Better Off Ted, Psych, American Dad, Always Sunny, Archer, Modern Family, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Fawlty Towers, Avatar, GreenWing, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Black Books, Bottom, That Mitchell and Webb look. The list goes on and on and on, I’ve crammed seasons into days and turned those days into entertainment and laughter. However I’ve found that I’ve created my own trend for when I know a series has ended.

I can catch up with a series and then watch it from there on, thats fine. I can’t watch a series as its goes and then fall behind as I fall into this trap of mine, and I can’t watch the entirety knowing there will be no more, none, zip, nada. If I know that nothing else follows then I can’t bring myself to watch the very last of a series I’ve grown to love.
I bring this up as its happening right now, I’m nearing the end of Eureka or A Town Called Eureka, I know the 5th season is the last and I only have 5 episodes to go. The same thing happened with Lost, I got to Season 4 and thought, many of the questions I’ve had, haven’t paid off and I can’t bring myself to watch this show I’ve enjoyed essentially kill itself.

It’s an annoying trait, one I wish I didn’t have, I wish I could find closure in the last episodes, but I just know then I won’t know what to do, what to watch, I’ll just aimlessly drift for several days before I latch onto something else be it game or TV or even a common thread in movies (I once spent a month watching essentially only stand-up comedy, ironically those were dark days).

I think part of this issue of mine is I believe the series will either give it enough rope to hang itself with thus ending on a sour note leaving me thinking: “Well this ended in a spectacularly shit fashion”. Or it’ll round itself off nice and neatly leaving me instead thinking: “Why did they have to leave me? I want my TV friends back!” (I know, it’s not even acute to pathetic, it’s way beyond it). I still haven’t watched the end of The Walking Dead for God’s sake, everyone in my block of flats would gather to watch and pray with each episode Andria got killed (that annoying blonde retard, just getting in the way like some snorlax – yes she was boring enough to fall asleep to).

When I do finish a series I will tell some friends about how good it is, however since I know none of them will spend their time (or in their eyes waste their time) as I do, I never really push them to go watch it themselves. But when all’s said and done I find myself in with a new quandary…. Now what do I watch?
There’s so much crap, so much recommended that I think looks crap, and so much that just looks like I’d rather eat cardboard whilst watching paint dry the show would be that bland.

Ultimately I feel like I have separation issues, but not from people; from entertainment. I realise things will progress and people make money from it and therefore what I love will come to eventually pass and maybe a few days, weeks, month or even years down the line I’ll be reading some silly joke about it via Meme.
I know some would say this is a pathetic problem to have, who cares? But I feel those people are sad and joyless if they can’t understand the emotional level that someone can find themselves on with entertainment mediums, instead these are the people you find consuming the `fast food` version of most entertainments, the Call of Duties, the Family Guys, the stupid horror film where everyone who has sex or is black dies leaving only the vulnerable virgin teen alive at the end – thank christ Cabin in the Woods put an end to that though.

The whole point of this I guess is that entertainment is powerful to those who look for it and those willing to invest into it. It is a great feeling when something you’ve come to love pays off in terms of hours spent with friends watching/playing, and it is something I hope to one day create.
Thanks for reading đŸ˜‰

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