My First Editorial

So today I was given the opportunity to write up my first editorial. As a 360 owner I was given the job of writing up what Xbox could do to bring back some fans for `The One`.
It was super fun to write (as well as super worrisome in case I fucked up) and I hope that this is the first of many in what will be a great job to have.

On a side note, I’m closer to sorting some of my screen cap software so expect hopefully some funny clips, some game commentary and even some video reviews to be coming soon.
Remember you can watch my stream live here normally around 10PM GMT onward (most frequent time)
You can follow me here – I’m terrible with twitter but i’m trying to get better
And as always you can catch my videos here.

Thanks so much for reading
Freddy GJ

About willza99

Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Blogger, Marvel-eer, Vaas' Psychologist & Vault Hunter. Truth be told, I'll probably be putting my writing excerpts here, Some Youtube videos that I'm either very proud of or feel people should see. Maybe Updates to or about my Stream on Twitch and any ramblings I have about either the Dredd & Riddick Films as they're badass as all hell
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