Persistance & Improvement

So a couple days back at around 4AM, I started writing something that had been floating around in my head. Now I’ve already shared this on Reddit and it got absolutely kicked to shit, part of this is – and trust me I did the research as I’m that pedantic – because half of them didn’t enjoy the big words and considering most of them only hung out in r/fitness and stuff like r/MMA and r/Fitnesscirclejerk (that’s genuine, seriously), they seem to be muscle bound troglodytes (yes I am taking out some of the anger in this post).

Anyway so here is the post and I hope it does something for you:


Who knows what PI is? It isn’t Personal Investigator, it isn’t the number you use in maths class and it isn’t the baked good. PI is Persistence and Improvement, that’s all. There are 2 things you need to succeed at what you want and they are Persistence and Improvement.

No one in this thing we call life moves forward always winning, no one from the point of birth till the point of death wins each and every opposition they come up against, EVERYONE loses, absolutely and completely everyone loses. I’ve heard time and time again from motivational speakers that I’d fail, but that I should stick with it and I sometimes fail, but here’s the thing – If you fail forward one day you’ll succeed, one day.

One day you’ll be called up or brought in for your book, your work, your game, your acting, your life’s blood and you’ll succeed. Here’s why: Every time you fail you’ve got to learn from it, you’ve got to, how else will you improve? how else will you not make the same mistake? how else will you ever get to move forward if you don’t learn from it? if you don’t improve? Every time you fail you ask yourself what went wrong and how to stop it. You better yourself constantly and that’s a whole other issue.

Every single time you step up to play, sing, act, write you step up with the intention of suceeding and if you don’t you find out why and you move on because otherwise you’re not improving yourself, you’re not making yourself into the person who can, you’re waiting on someone to give you the job, you’re not willing to earn it if you don’t improve.

So that’s improvement.

The other part is Persistence. So when you do get called in and you do get told you’re not going to succeed today, you improve now. That’s good, but it isn’t anywhere near enough. You can’t think that a one time change will fix what was wrong. Every job no matter what it is, is a craft and you’ve got to work on your craft if you want to have one. You’ve got to sleep, drink, sweat and bleed your craft if you want it to truly be yours, this is Persistence.

Every time you go in and get told you’re not succeeding, you improve, but you’ve got to do this again, and again and even again. You’ve got to be so persistant to improving and wanting that sucess that you’ve got to grind at it. You have to outlast everyone else, you have to be the last man standing when everyone else has fallen, when everyone else has given up, you’ve got to be the one who stuck out, who walked away from every failure as a better person not a worse one. You’ve got to be the person standing tall when everyone else has been beaten away by their own fears or failures.

It’s that simple.

Persistence, Improvement. Persistence, Improvement. Persistence, Improvement. Each waking day, improving, every week, month & year, persistence. Two things will get anyone where they want to go and that is PI.

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