Pride Goes Before The…..

So some may have read the ‘My First Exposition’ post.
The following was my 2nd attempt at writing an exposition, it’s a fair bit longer and as such is a bit more rambling and not as well structured.
In all honesty I’m no-where near as proud of this piece as I was about ‘My First Exposition’ however the learning curve isn’t smooth and the road to success isn’t without it’s step-backs and detours.

So here is my 2nd Exposition and in my own opinion my fall from ‘writing grace’ or beginners luck. It’s all about the idea that jobs are continuously automated more and more and the opening of jobs to maintain the machines don’t match those lost and how this has helped one evil yet ambitious politician rise to power. I hope that someone manages to find a diamond in the rough, enjoy:

It has been said that even the most disastrous events come from the humblest of beginnings. Who would have thought the combination of computers, which were originally made to help the average person, and the death of a Prime Minister would result in this?

It started with the pushing and pushing of IT, it crept into all our lives in more ways than could be counted, from Laptops to Mobile Phones, from Software to Robotics. IT was advancing and due to it getting faster with each of it’s own iterations, development only hastened like a stealth fighter shooting down a runway.
Slowly more and more items came from the technology booms that we saw, this required jobs for the masses and in a time where money was valued higher than most other things, we leaped over each other with a lone wolf mentality, not caring for those we left behind, believing the hand offered was one of friendship and salvation, not a long walk on the highway toward our own downfall.
As technology charged ahead with no signs of slowing down more jobs became automated. It started small, big corporations didn’t need someone on accounting to figure out who was owed what for how many hours, they were cut. People who used to generate the invoices for clients, cut. It started getting worse though, with huge software programs with such ease of use soon it didn’t become about ‘why’ is something done that way but more ‘how’. People who used to be in high demand because of their intellect and skill such as Engineers, cut, all because there was software that gave a simple answer. It didn’t talk back, it didn’t give a lengthy answer as to ‘why’ it was the best solution, it just gave the solution.
The death of the Prime Minster was nothing sinister, just an old man doing what old men do best. The problem came in the aftermath, see politicians all say the same thing, the only difference is the face on the campaign poster and the way they phrase their goals. Each one trying to seem smarter than their opponent, but at the same time being a man of the people, not some pampered git who’d had the best start out in life and hung around the rich and the affluent whilst sipping elegantly from their crystal brandy balloons up high upon their ivory towers. That doesn’t touch what happens behind closed doors.
Evil men, each with their own agenda, each arrogant enough to think THEY are right, and only their way will work. These close minded buffoons who managed to get themselves this far in a political career are always willing to take the underhanded and dishonest paths to get what they want and after the death of the PM a maelstrom of secret agenda’s and backhanded plans sprung forth and a power struggle emerged.
There were rumours about what happened to those who fell, all of them vicious, but they all ended the same way – with a tyrant coming to power. We rallied for change to the new PM, for the removal of automated jobs so that we could work again, so we could afford to live again. I wouldn’t have believed it possible then, but even what we were doing then, not living, nothing close to living, could still be made worse. The PM shot down those involved in the protests, stated we were enemies of the government and of the country and constructed a secret police to keep a watchful eye on all of us. Just watching, waiting, listening for whispers of a rebellion.

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