Zombies Are The Least of Our Fears

So I’m a fan of procrastination and as such am a fan of Reddit. One of the several Sub-Reddit’s I subscribe to is r/WritingPrompts. I thought that maybe this would help me progress my writing…. it would probably help if I actually read some of them instead.

Anyway one of the prompts was a take on the apocalypse, and any form that you wanted. Now I got my idea from a theoretical paper that I heard about through a podcast (all very circumstantial but still). The idea was that due to zombies being walking, easy to over-come buffets, they’d basically be over taken by nature, I then took the idea further by saying the zombie flesh would affect animals behavioural patterns.

Anyway here is the final idea worked out (obviously it could be worked on more, so if anything it’s just the current idea):

3 years. 3 years of bad blood, attacks, violence and survival of the most inhumane type. No one really knows where they came from, the dead, but everyone left has felt the affects. There were rumours of mad doctors, secret government weapons gone awry and even sick sci-fi fanatics who’d brought this armagedon upon us, whoever or whatever it was… I hope it was the first to die at the hands of it’s own abonimations hands.

Everyone had spoken about what would happen in such an event obviously, so much of it was in pop-culture that everyone at some point asked themselves what they’d do, I’ve no idea if anyone’s plan actually worked, all I know is that we survived the initial stage and now we’re struggling more than ever to survive the next.

They tracked the living via noise and smell, but they were slow and were easily succummbed when only a few were there and spread out. What we didn’t realise was that the rotting flesh and leadened demeanour meant that they were prime targets for nature to attack. Birds picked at their faces and eyes blinding them, bears would crush them with their mighty paws and claws. We initially felt that they were helping us, we were fools to hope so much in such darkened, atrocious times.

Nature grew more confident, more assured in itself and more devastating. We didn’t realise at the time but the diseased flesh of the dead that had been consumed so willingly by creatures both big and small affected them too. The animals were sent into bezerk rages, smashing, shattering and demolishing all in their paths, even each other. It didn’t take long for their gazes to turn our way, and turn our way they did.

Who would have thought we’d look back on our own dead fondly? I guess being hunted down by Mother Nature makes you re-assess your life.

Here is the first draft:

A new disease broke out, something worse than deadly but the full repercussions weren’t understood. The dead began to rise like something out of an old sci-fi movie, shuffling along and rotting as they went on by.

What happened next though was something we’d never thought could happen. All manner of animal and beast began feasting off of the walking buffets of meat. Birds would eat away at the head and brain, scavengers like rats would nipple away at the feet and the larger animals would feast gladly on a walking corpse or two.

We felt as if we’d dodged one of science fictions biggest clichés when we realized that the animals had become more brave and the affect of the diseased flesh took them into berserk rages. The problem wasn’t our own but the animals themselves, all of a sudden nature had turned around and started fighting back against all we’d made and manipulated to our own ends. Packs of animals would roam the re-abandoned cities, different species making unlikely alliances where birds would track and wolfs attack.

We were left to be hunted, not survive like with walking dead, our food had become our predator and we it’s prey. It seems fate is not without a sense of irony.

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