The Year Twos Blues.

So I’ve been up all night for the 2nd time on the bounce (these are normally like 30-hour long days and as such I’m super tired, especially as it’s the 2nd time on the go).

Anyway I thought I’d leave a post and I’d keep up the writing theme before going to Videos. So after a night of doing C++ code (yes I’m a nerd, surprise), I was reminded of some of the older pieces of writing I’ve done and this includes poetry. So here is the backdrop as to what caused this poem: Last semester I had 7 University modules, normally people do 6 (or an equivalent of 6 – e.g. 1 module worth 2 credits) and the only difference between my friends and I was 1 piece of coursework and 1 exam. So it’s a 12 week semester, 1st week is for Freshers (1st years), 2nd week is for intro lectures so that too doesn’t count. Real lectures start week 3 but coursework won’t actually start for about 2 more, this results in 8 weeks-ish left to do all the coursework, all that c/w resulted in 20 pieces of work done in 8 weeks which is 2.5 pieces of c/w a week and these were quite large pieces.

Sooooooo long story short (too late for that one), I became incredibly stressed and geniunely worried about my future at University and felt like I had very few people to truly talk too. This is where the poem came in:

The Year Twos Blues

Nothing does quite compare
to the feelings of despair

No one to reach by phone
and trapped from your student loan.

You don’t call your parents
for you know what they’ll say
“It’d be better for you
if you were to stay”.

With dreaded deadlines looming
and thoughts that are dooming
You look for an alternate path
that’ll release you from works wrath.

but these dreamt up realities
are nothing more than fantasies.

trust me we’ve all been there
and nothing does quite compare
to the feelings of despair

Now for me poetry should have a rhyme and rhythm to it and I hope you pick up on the one I had in mind whilst writing this poem. Hope you enjoyed it.

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