Torn Up & Then Beat Down.

So those who’ve seen the ‘Years Twos Blues‘ post will be familiar with how stressed I became at University. Now I’ve spoken to several people about that first poem and many have said that everyone does hit a low point with year 2. So just as a note to those who may be reading this in a similar position or are coming up to a possible similar position – don’t worry, you’re not alone, it does get better, deal with what you have to for now and relax where you can!

Anyway, this coming poem was written after the ‘Years Twos Blues‘ poem, but still before the end of all my actual work. I had huge pieces of work, all being handed in late, all of them having errors in them. Here’s the thing; despite how crappy I felt, and despite how truly shit my work was my average for the 1st semester was still 61% – at English Universities that’s called a 2:1 (Two-One) and is the 2nd highest grade you can get.

So here is the final poem I wrote whilst in the crunch time stress of University:

Torn up and then beat down
A wave of work in which to drown. 

All i want to do is sleep
but distress from work can run deep. 

Sleepless nights of misery and woe
I wish that it would all just go. 

I start to feel foolish and frantic
as these mark schemes seem pendantic 

Please someone make it stop
before my poor brain does go pop.

It’s very short, but I realised focusing on the rhyming & rhythm patterns helped focus me elsewhere and keep me more relaxed.

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