Weekly Recap 07/03/14


As per usual I’ve got my weekly stream tonight and tomorrow from 9PM GMT onward. Now this will be hopefully a special weekend as I may possibly be hitting 100 followers. I’ve been thinking how to celebrate, I already do game give aways, so maybe a big give away? Maybe just an increase in give aways for the weekend to celebrate? I still don’t rightfully know. Davetheiguana who helps me on the stream as viewers know suggested doing an extra long 12 hour stream to celebrate.
So I’m still not sure how to fully celebrate reaching this milestone but if you’re reading this please join in on a hopefully fun, milestone breaking weekend here.


This week I didn’t manage to get may articles done. I did think of maybe making a comic on a doodle I’d done last week in a lecture but unfortunately time escaped me and I didn’t manage to get it down. I did however try to write an exert on what was a man going insane, seeing people in his shuttle that didn’t exist, hearing scratching noises that weren’t there, feeling objects had moved or people were trying to mess with him. I started writing this but unfortunately it really fell apart and my confidence in it tanked, so I’d rather not make something I’m not proud of and force myself, instead I’d prefer to do things naturally and let idea’s come to me and get mulled over. Anyway here are the link(s) to the weeks past articles:

Torn Up & Then Beat Down.


I managed to get 2 videos out this week which I was happy about. One was a continuation of the amazingly beautiful game Naissancee as done by Limasse Five. Now as of this time I’ve actually finished the game but didn’t record any of the ending, so I will be going back and maybe doing a highlight video or just and ending part 3 to my Naissancee series. Regardless though I did manage to also create what I believe is a collection of the best, jaw-dropping views in the game here.

The other video I managed to get down this week was one of Me and Dave in payday 2 brushing up on my Spanish.


As per usual you can find me here on Twitter and follow my asinine babblings and keep up to date on all the impromptu streams, videos and articles.

Now I’ve got a stream to prep for so hopefully I’ll see you there! 😉

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Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Blogger, Marvel-eer, Vaas' Psychologist & Vault Hunter. Truth be told, I'll probably be putting my writing excerpts here, Some Youtube videos that I'm either very proud of or feel people should see. Maybe Updates to or about my Stream on Twitch and any ramblings I have about either the Dredd & Riddick Films as they're badass as all hell
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