Excerpts of a Skype Conversation – Mad Men

So I started watching Mad Men finally. It’s okay, I’m only on episode 2 so I can’t really say much and there are a good 70 episodes or so it seems on Netflix to rummage through. It got me thinking as I’m sure it got many a people thinking, and my thought processed tied in once again to an article I put up on here about being insignificant, it was entitled – the beauty of being a speck and I hope you read it.

But here is the excerpt of my one way conversation to my sleeping girlfriend about Mad Men and the questions it made me ask, enjoy (note, each paragraph is a separate message send sporadically across the 2 episodes):

first episode of Mad Men – Pretty sure the italian dude is gay.

in fact definite.

whenever I watch TV, or read about how someone’s day went in terms of what they did at work, I am CONVINCED that people sit around in offices (less so cubicles) delegating work, sleeping on a couch and counting down until the next meeting. All they do in that time is wait and think about highfalutin ways of convincing their boss, their client, their delegates that they’re actually doing work. I’m convinced to the core nearly that most of the time in a working day is wasted on convincing people or reassuring people and the true amount of work that does get done, takes the collective time of maybe an hour to two.

weird how mad men is only about 50 years back yet it seems so ancient

also what the hell is wrong with drapers wife’s hands

took me until half way through episode 2 to remember that Don also see’s a woman in the city thus being an adulterer

Jon Ham has alot of veins in his head

Jon Ham has like no muscles in the back of his neck. Like the trapiezes or whatever the hell they’re called

I may have an issue with the show just in terms of how outdated it is of how people behave. You know that I prefer being straight about things and all this ‘what you’re supposed to do’ bollocks irritates me somewhat

watching the social interactions and the realisation of how far we’ve come, it makes me wonder how far socially we have to develop. Sure some people are socially awkward, I roam that space in my free time, but women are much further than where they were, there is still work to be done but I don’t believe some of the militant feminist I hear shouting about facts that don’t seem to come from anywhere else but themselves thus sort of disproving themselves in the fact that no one else has found what they’ve ‘found’ to be true. So yes equality still has places to go, I mean gay people are still fighting for marriage and bigotry is still being fought. But it seems that the majority that are brought up in this modern age don’t see anything else other than just another person whose only real difference in their base traits as a human is their sexual preference. 

So equality still has to be moved forward, bigotry has yet to be dispelled and never really will down to personal experience. But I still wonder, people have progressed so far in 50 years, INCREDIBLY far, will there be a new barrier to fight? I can’t imagine many social sects that have to hide away, will there be a next social fight at all? Will we even see it?

I think about alot of big things that stretch out it seems. Maybe that should be the focus of whatever game i end up making

It wouldn’t ever really be based on core mechanics more core concepts and story.

But how do you lay everything out in front of someone? How do you make someone feel small yet still as significant as the person to their left?

How could anyone possibly lay out the world before someone like some metaphorical map and show them that – you won’t see this, and even if you’re lucky enough to do so you may not understand it until it’s all blown over and the victor been declared. There will be years upon decades of possible research in order to allow the layman to understand this hugely amazing concepts and structures that you can’t understand the way they work. We talk about stars and planets with still an air of mystery but we’re all walking around on some glass floor where we can see the bottom of the knowledgable pit below us, but act like it isn’t there. You can’t expect everyone to know how each thing works but as a collective we’re a society that enjoys the nice and neat little one line tag that just says – it’s a ball of burning fire suspended in the sky.

I think it’s incredibly important to realise these things. To realise what you do know and what you don’t. To realise the strides that have been made in the world around us that didn’t require us, we didn’t help in anyway but it still came about.

Maybe this is just some late booming appreciation of the world around me. Maybe this is madness descending upon me as I can’t really handle the idea of some of these sometimes truly impossible concepts to grasp. Maybe this is just life, realising that you as a person are surplus to requirements and it’s your duty to understand the world and fit it to your beliefs on how to conduct yourself.

I don’t know and I just hope I don’t have to see a psychiatrist over this 😉

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