Weekly Recap 14/03/14


So it’s that time of week again, I’ve got the stream going tonight although with Titanfall & Darksouls 2 coming out the stream may suffer due to these titans of Games. However that isn’t to say I don’t have anything in store. Recently I came into ownership of the game Thief & Diablo 3 and I’m thinking of going back to finish up my Assassins Creed 4: Blag Flag playthrough. Who knows maybe we’ll manage to fit in some staples of Payday 2 and Spelunky but only time will tell. So head on over to ChivalrousGamers at Twitch and watch from 9PM GMT onward.



Unfortunately this week I didn’t have time to get any articles out, however last week I hinted at just a simple yet dark joke comic that I’d come up with so instead of any news or editorials or anything like that, enjoy this slice of evil humour:



This week I managed to get 2 videos done! The first was from Bastion and just a simple update about my youtube channel:

The other video has literally just been published. It shows part of my very first adventure in Diablo 3 whilst talking about comics and how my feelings for them have changed over time and with different hero’s in the limelight. I also talk about many pieces of film and tv that are comic adaptations that you may not have known about so give it a watch!



As usual please follow me on twitter here. Keep up to date with impromtu streams, YT videos and even articles!

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Weekly Recap 07/03/14


As per usual I’ve got my weekly stream tonight and tomorrow from 9PM GMT onward. Now this will be hopefully a special weekend as I may possibly be hitting 100 followers. I’ve been thinking how to celebrate, I already do game give aways, so maybe a big give away? Maybe just an increase in give aways for the weekend to celebrate? I still don’t rightfully know. Davetheiguana who helps me on the stream as viewers know suggested doing an extra long 12 hour stream to celebrate.
So I’m still not sure how to fully celebrate reaching this milestone but if you’re reading this please join in on a hopefully fun, milestone breaking weekend here.


This week I didn’t manage to get may articles done. I did think of maybe making a comic on a doodle I’d done last week in a lecture but unfortunately time escaped me and I didn’t manage to get it down. I did however try to write an exert on what was a man going insane, seeing people in his shuttle that didn’t exist, hearing scratching noises that weren’t there, feeling objects had moved or people were trying to mess with him. I started writing this but unfortunately it really fell apart and my confidence in it tanked, so I’d rather not make something I’m not proud of and force myself, instead I’d prefer to do things naturally and let idea’s come to me and get mulled over. Anyway here are the link(s) to the weeks past articles:

Torn Up & Then Beat Down.


I managed to get 2 videos out this week which I was happy about. One was a continuation of the amazingly beautiful game Naissancee as done by Limasse Five. Now as of this time I’ve actually finished the game but didn’t record any of the ending, so I will be going back and maybe doing a highlight video or just and ending part 3 to my Naissancee series. Regardless though I did manage to also create what I believe is a collection of the best, jaw-dropping views in the game here.

The other video I managed to get down this week was one of Me and Dave in payday 2 brushing up on my Spanish.


As per usual you can find me here on Twitter and follow my asinine babblings and keep up to date on all the impromptu streams, videos and articles.

Now I’ve got a stream to prep for so hopefully I’ll see you there! 😉

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Torn Up & Then Beat Down.

So those who’ve seen the ‘Years Twos Blues‘ post will be familiar with how stressed I became at University. Now I’ve spoken to several people about that first poem and many have said that everyone does hit a low point with year 2. So just as a note to those who may be reading this in a similar position or are coming up to a possible similar position – don’t worry, you’re not alone, it does get better, deal with what you have to for now and relax where you can!

Anyway, this coming poem was written after the ‘Years Twos Blues‘ poem, but still before the end of all my actual work. I had huge pieces of work, all being handed in late, all of them having errors in them. Here’s the thing; despite how crappy I felt, and despite how truly shit my work was my average for the 1st semester was still 61% – at English Universities that’s called a 2:1 (Two-One) and is the 2nd highest grade you can get.

So here is the final poem I wrote whilst in the crunch time stress of University:

Torn up and then beat down
A wave of work in which to drown. 

All i want to do is sleep
but distress from work can run deep. 

Sleepless nights of misery and woe
I wish that it would all just go. 

I start to feel foolish and frantic
as these mark schemes seem pendantic 

Please someone make it stop
before my poor brain does go pop.

It’s very short, but I realised focusing on the rhyming & rhythm patterns helped focus me elsewhere and keep me more relaxed.

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Update – Let Us Recap!

So I was thinking recently, and by the way I’m watching Thor 2 whilst writing this so if it’s ramble-y is due to awesomeness. I thought it might be a good idea to have a weekly recap with links to all the work I’ve done that’s out there to be seen. Now seeing as this is the first one, it’ll be longer than the future ones unless I start just pouring with content.

So let’s start shall we?
I’ll section off each piece so it’s easier to check out.


So each week on Friday & Saturday (at least) at 9PM GMT (roughly 4PM Eastern & 1PM Western) I stream on twitch.tv some of my favourite games of the week, or just stuff I never finished. Tonights stream will probably be a mix of Spelunky, Naissancee, Far Cry 2, Payday 2 and maybe Deadpool! Check that all out over here. For those who are slightly skeptical I do also do a couple Game Give-Aways on the weekend so check it out if you fancy a free game.


So I’ve written a fair bit recently and plan on writing a fair bit more. In fact I really want to try and flesh out my ‘Convict’ stuff if any of you are familiar with that.  Here are the links to each article in the past, roughly, week.
Persistance & Improvement
My First Exposition
Pride Goes Before The….
Zombies Are The Least of Our Fears
User Name Poetry Slam
The Convict Expands!
The Year Twos Blues


Throughout the week I managed to do 3 Youtube uploads of several different games on my channel. The first was my impressions on the game Naissancee which I just love so much. It has a minimalistic style where they use simple patterns/objects to create amazing complex and grand structures. Check it out:

I also managed to get further ever than I had before in Spelunky, in fact all the way to King Yama himself. Will I survive or perish like so many others? Check the video to find out:

Finally I also started replaying Deadpool the game seeing as my love for him and his comics has rapidly increased recently. Check out deadpool’s crazy antics mixed with mine:


For those interested in keeping up to date with this blog, my Youtube Channel or my Stream, all 3 services are connected through my Twitter handle so it’ll be easier to get all that from one simple location. Go here to follow and keep in the loop.

That’s the first update, and yes it’s alot of stuff to get through. In future weeks this should be alot shorter of a list with possibly only 2 Youtube videos, a couple articles and the stream just so people can stay up to date. So remember – Stream’s occur Friday & Saturday (yes that means today & tomorrow) at 9PM GMT (5PM east coast America & 1PM west coast America), Youtube videos every Tuesday & Thursday hopefully with a possible stream highlight on the weekend and articles whenever possible.

Cheers for reading and I hope to see everyone next week.

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The Year Twos Blues.

So I’ve been up all night for the 2nd time on the bounce (these are normally like 30-hour long days and as such I’m super tired, especially as it’s the 2nd time on the go).

Anyway I thought I’d leave a post and I’d keep up the writing theme before going to Videos. So after a night of doing C++ code (yes I’m a nerd, surprise), I was reminded of some of the older pieces of writing I’ve done and this includes poetry. So here is the backdrop as to what caused this poem: Last semester I had 7 University modules, normally people do 6 (or an equivalent of 6 – e.g. 1 module worth 2 credits) and the only difference between my friends and I was 1 piece of coursework and 1 exam. So it’s a 12 week semester, 1st week is for Freshers (1st years), 2nd week is for intro lectures so that too doesn’t count. Real lectures start week 3 but coursework won’t actually start for about 2 more, this results in 8 weeks-ish left to do all the coursework, all that c/w resulted in 20 pieces of work done in 8 weeks which is 2.5 pieces of c/w a week and these were quite large pieces.

Sooooooo long story short (too late for that one), I became incredibly stressed and geniunely worried about my future at University and felt like I had very few people to truly talk too. This is where the poem came in:

The Year Twos Blues

Nothing does quite compare
to the feelings of despair

No one to reach by phone
and trapped from your student loan.

You don’t call your parents
for you know what they’ll say
“It’d be better for you
if you were to stay”.

With dreaded deadlines looming
and thoughts that are dooming
You look for an alternate path
that’ll release you from works wrath.

but these dreamt up realities
are nothing more than fantasies.

trust me we’ve all been there
and nothing does quite compare
to the feelings of despair

Now for me poetry should have a rhyme and rhythm to it and I hope you pick up on the one I had in mind whilst writing this poem. Hope you enjoyed it.

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The Convict Expands!

So I keep a little note book where I keep all my Youtube, Game & Writing ideas. There are several pieces of film and TV that I draw inspiration from. In fact in my first post about ‘The Convict’, I do believe I posted how it was Riddick inspired.

Well last night I watched Dredd for about the 5th time as that is one hell of a badass film and I advise you watch is SO gorram much. Anyway I came away from the film feeling the need to write, much like with my Riddick piece, originally I thought I might, much like Riddick & Dredd, write something on the opposite end of the ‘law’-spectrum. I got the 1st sentence down and then totally just went Riddick all over it again and I used several of the pieces in the aforementioned notebook.

Now I feel this could be a follow on to the first Convict post (here for those interested), and I very much look to the views of others to see if they enjoy it and agree with such a statement, so without further a-do, here is ‘The Convict pt.2’

The dirt, filth and scum. The dregs of humanity all bunched up due to the scars upon the land from one too many wars. Wars fought over money, control and conformity. Conforming to the new regime, the false government and the reign of the ‘just’. And the ‘Just’ filled to the brim with zealots, extremists and militant facists.

Whilst those who barked orders told us that so called ‘civility’ was the key, I chose a different path. One that would lead through hell seemingly every single waking day, but then again, hell can only last so long. So what does each trip through the brimstone entail? Running, slipping through each and every crack because if you don’t, you’ll end up the wrong side of a gun barrel. Fighting the mercenaries and officials can wear a convict down, but I’ve yet to find a man whose smart enough to best me and strong enough to fight me. 

There were whispers of a haven off-planet, hidden away behind the brightest star in order to blind the long arm of the so called law and the twinkle in the eyes of the greediest Merc’s. But I’ve been playing this game for far to long to believe each whisper that finds itself my-way. Civility died a long time back, there are no havens, there is no code, there aren’t honourable or truthful men. I should know, I’ve killed many who claimed to be, only to find them all…. wanting.

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User Name Poetry Slam

So on r/WritingPrompts someone asked to write a poem about your username. Now my username is the same across pretty much all platforms except twitterYoutube, and Twitch where it’s actually (the)ChivalrousGamers.


Anyway so I spent like 5 minutes thinking of a poem about why Willza99. In the end very little information was actually given as it’s hard as hell to rhyme and I enjoy rhyming poetry otherwise I feel like it’s a weirdly written super short story where I have to read into EVERYTHING… needless to say my Anthology classes in Highschool didn’t go well.


Before I get off point anymore and start ripping into my highschool here is the 5 minute poem on the name Willza99 – Also for future sake, I do have like 3 poems hidden away that may come to light in the coming week.


I chose Willza99

And that’s totally fine

The name is all mine

And its hard to align

each line of this rhyme.

but it may be time

to change paradigm

as it isn’t sublime

more pantomime

but it’s a pastime

and with each rhyme

is a new crime

but it’s now bedtime

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Zombies Are The Least of Our Fears

So I’m a fan of procrastination and as such am a fan of Reddit. One of the several Sub-Reddit’s I subscribe to is r/WritingPrompts. I thought that maybe this would help me progress my writing…. it would probably help if I actually read some of them instead.

Anyway one of the prompts was a take on the apocalypse, and any form that you wanted. Now I got my idea from a theoretical paper that I heard about through a podcast (all very circumstantial but still). The idea was that due to zombies being walking, easy to over-come buffets, they’d basically be over taken by nature, I then took the idea further by saying the zombie flesh would affect animals behavioural patterns.

Anyway here is the final idea worked out (obviously it could be worked on more, so if anything it’s just the current idea):

3 years. 3 years of bad blood, attacks, violence and survival of the most inhumane type. No one really knows where they came from, the dead, but everyone left has felt the affects. There were rumours of mad doctors, secret government weapons gone awry and even sick sci-fi fanatics who’d brought this armagedon upon us, whoever or whatever it was… I hope it was the first to die at the hands of it’s own abonimations hands.

Everyone had spoken about what would happen in such an event obviously, so much of it was in pop-culture that everyone at some point asked themselves what they’d do, I’ve no idea if anyone’s plan actually worked, all I know is that we survived the initial stage and now we’re struggling more than ever to survive the next.

They tracked the living via noise and smell, but they were slow and were easily succummbed when only a few were there and spread out. What we didn’t realise was that the rotting flesh and leadened demeanour meant that they were prime targets for nature to attack. Birds picked at their faces and eyes blinding them, bears would crush them with their mighty paws and claws. We initially felt that they were helping us, we were fools to hope so much in such darkened, atrocious times.

Nature grew more confident, more assured in itself and more devastating. We didn’t realise at the time but the diseased flesh of the dead that had been consumed so willingly by creatures both big and small affected them too. The animals were sent into bezerk rages, smashing, shattering and demolishing all in their paths, even each other. It didn’t take long for their gazes to turn our way, and turn our way they did.

Who would have thought we’d look back on our own dead fondly? I guess being hunted down by Mother Nature makes you re-assess your life.

Here is the first draft:

A new disease broke out, something worse than deadly but the full repercussions weren’t understood. The dead began to rise like something out of an old sci-fi movie, shuffling along and rotting as they went on by.

What happened next though was something we’d never thought could happen. All manner of animal and beast began feasting off of the walking buffets of meat. Birds would eat away at the head and brain, scavengers like rats would nipple away at the feet and the larger animals would feast gladly on a walking corpse or two.

We felt as if we’d dodged one of science fictions biggest clichés when we realized that the animals had become more brave and the affect of the diseased flesh took them into berserk rages. The problem wasn’t our own but the animals themselves, all of a sudden nature had turned around and started fighting back against all we’d made and manipulated to our own ends. Packs of animals would roam the re-abandoned cities, different species making unlikely alliances where birds would track and wolfs attack.

We were left to be hunted, not survive like with walking dead, our food had become our predator and we it’s prey. It seems fate is not without a sense of irony.

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Pride Goes Before The…..

So some may have read the ‘My First Exposition’ post.
The following was my 2nd attempt at writing an exposition, it’s a fair bit longer and as such is a bit more rambling and not as well structured.
In all honesty I’m no-where near as proud of this piece as I was about ‘My First Exposition’ however the learning curve isn’t smooth and the road to success isn’t without it’s step-backs and detours.

So here is my 2nd Exposition and in my own opinion my fall from ‘writing grace’ or beginners luck. It’s all about the idea that jobs are continuously automated more and more and the opening of jobs to maintain the machines don’t match those lost and how this has helped one evil yet ambitious politician rise to power. I hope that someone manages to find a diamond in the rough, enjoy:

It has been said that even the most disastrous events come from the humblest of beginnings. Who would have thought the combination of computers, which were originally made to help the average person, and the death of a Prime Minister would result in this?

It started with the pushing and pushing of IT, it crept into all our lives in more ways than could be counted, from Laptops to Mobile Phones, from Software to Robotics. IT was advancing and due to it getting faster with each of it’s own iterations, development only hastened like a stealth fighter shooting down a runway.
Slowly more and more items came from the technology booms that we saw, this required jobs for the masses and in a time where money was valued higher than most other things, we leaped over each other with a lone wolf mentality, not caring for those we left behind, believing the hand offered was one of friendship and salvation, not a long walk on the highway toward our own downfall.
As technology charged ahead with no signs of slowing down more jobs became automated. It started small, big corporations didn’t need someone on accounting to figure out who was owed what for how many hours, they were cut. People who used to generate the invoices for clients, cut. It started getting worse though, with huge software programs with such ease of use soon it didn’t become about ‘why’ is something done that way but more ‘how’. People who used to be in high demand because of their intellect and skill such as Engineers, cut, all because there was software that gave a simple answer. It didn’t talk back, it didn’t give a lengthy answer as to ‘why’ it was the best solution, it just gave the solution.
The death of the Prime Minster was nothing sinister, just an old man doing what old men do best. The problem came in the aftermath, see politicians all say the same thing, the only difference is the face on the campaign poster and the way they phrase their goals. Each one trying to seem smarter than their opponent, but at the same time being a man of the people, not some pampered git who’d had the best start out in life and hung around the rich and the affluent whilst sipping elegantly from their crystal brandy balloons up high upon their ivory towers. That doesn’t touch what happens behind closed doors.
Evil men, each with their own agenda, each arrogant enough to think THEY are right, and only their way will work. These close minded buffoons who managed to get themselves this far in a political career are always willing to take the underhanded and dishonest paths to get what they want and after the death of the PM a maelstrom of secret agenda’s and backhanded plans sprung forth and a power struggle emerged.
There were rumours about what happened to those who fell, all of them vicious, but they all ended the same way – with a tyrant coming to power. We rallied for change to the new PM, for the removal of automated jobs so that we could work again, so we could afford to live again. I wouldn’t have believed it possible then, but even what we were doing then, not living, nothing close to living, could still be made worse. The PM shot down those involved in the protests, stated we were enemies of the government and of the country and constructed a secret police to keep a watchful eye on all of us. Just watching, waiting, listening for whispers of a rebellion.

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My First Expostion

So a while back I started writing rants. This is ages ago but they are still here on this webpage although you’d have to go to the very first month of this blog, everything after that is game reviews and then later Youtube videos which I’m trying to get back around to hopefully, but that’s another story for another time.

So my writing experience went from ranting, to game reviews. This landed me a volunteer job at a site I’d rather not name as I didn’t enjoy my time there and it doesn’t deserve to move up in the journalism world even though it has slightly. This is however where I met my friend Brandon whose helped me with many of my Youtube videos but also my writing. Brandon himself has written two books and is currently working on his own right now (for those interested).

Anyway Brandon has helped me do some of my own writing and even given some feedback which I value and seeing as I put up that motivation piece I thought I might update this site with more writing pieces of my own.

Writing has helped calm me down, made me feel better from stress and also just allowed myself to bounce idea’s off of a wall so here is one of the first pieces I wrote as an exposition to a story I hope one day to maybe make – enjoy and if you want please leave feedback 🙂

There are men who define themselves by certain traits, attributes and abilities. There are those who define their humanity through being able to talk, converse and socialise. There are those who define their humanity through art, music and literature. My humanity would be defined by the more base desires, passions and acts, those of hurt, violence, murder and more.

The rest of humanity seems to have been able to trick itself, imagine they’re above the basest needs and wants that drive all animals. They act transcendent of it, as if it never was the case.

I however revel in it.

I walk, talk and breathe it. I never feel more alive or challenged as to when I work. I bathe in the deeds that I perform soaking up every ounce of fear, adrenaline and freedom, in every ounce of what makes me human. Every delicious millisecond going to make up the sweetest blissful feeling of being at one with who I am, an Animal, a Human, a Convict.

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